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Denny Crane
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Denny is a founding partner of Crane, Poole & Schmidt, along with Shirley Schmidt and Edwin M. Poole. He often punctuates his statements by announcing his own name, "Denny Crane." The reason why Denny always says his name out loud is, according to him, that people can't believe they are actually in the room with legendary Denny Crane, so he says his name to assure them that it's real (as stated by him in his guest appearance in The Practice). According to Shirley Schmidt, Denny says his name out loud to remember it, which refers to his possible Alzheimer's Disease.

On a case involving seniors and prescription drug prices, Denny forgot the details of the case and gave an opening statement that resulted in a mistrial, to his client's benefit. He then finally took seriously Alan Shore's suggestion that he might have Alzheimer's and went to get tested for it. Late in the first season, Denny admitted to Alan that he had been taking a type of amphetamine drug to help him focus on trial procedures; he later stopped taking the drug. After trying a case involving the safety of red meat, Denny comes to believe that his condition is due to mad cow disease, which he simply refers to as "the mad cow" when speaking about it.

Denny is a staunch conservative Republican who strongly opposes gun control, claiming that "it's for communists." On the recommendation of his friend Tom DeLay, he keeps a wide variety of loaded guns in his office (including the camouflaged AR-7 he saved Alan with). On numerous occasions, he has accidentally discharged them, although no one has ever been hurt by his carelessness. However, he does have a fondness for using his gun(s) on living people and has done so on several occasions. He first shot the aforementioned man who was threatening Alan with a gun right in the offices of Crane, Poole & Schmidt. In another episode, Denny was forced against his will by a judge to provide pro bono representation to an accused child rapist/killer. The killer privately bragged to Denny about having committed the crime, and Denny responded by shooting both the man's kneecaps in "self-defense" with a gun he had smuggled past courthouse security in his briefcase. He also shot a homeless man in the head with a paintball gun after the man threw a rock at his head because Denny ignored his pleas for spare change. Finally, he shot his psychologist on two separate occasions: first in self-defense when the psychologist brandished a gun and said it was Denny or him (after Denny pulled his gun first), and then again in a courtroom after the psychologist was threatening to shoot Alan.

In the episode "Nuts", when Denny finds out that he is on the Transportation Security Administration's No Fly List, Alan tells the lawyer representing Homeland Security that there is no one more patriotic than Denny, stating that he is pro-life, pro-death penalty, uses every possible loop-hole to get out of paying taxes, and donated to the Jack Abramoff Ball. Earlier in the episode, Alan and Denny discuss who of Denny's friends could come to his aid; names mentioned were Tom DeLay, Bill Frist, Mark Foley, and Dick Cheney. Denny also feels that elevators "are for Democrats" and he only takes the stairs. In one episode, when he is representing the United States in court, Denny refers to the Attorney General by his first name, "Alberto."

Denny learned everything he knows about law from his father. When he began practicing in 1957, Denny and his father were practicing together. He said once that they "made a great team, birds of a feather." However, his father did not approve of Denny's reliance on deceit and manipulation to win his cases. Denny's father made him want to become a lawyer, despite being ashamed of Denny's way with the law. When Denny relied on a stunt to acquit a man his father thought was guilty, his father said, "I thought it would be a good life for you, but now I don't know. We don't think alike, you and I. I don't really know you." Years later, when the son of the victim in the same case sought revenge on Denny, the memories of his father's disapproval brought an obvious sadness to him. Upon the result of this case in 1957, Denny said, "My father...he disowned me." Denny reveals in another episode that he euthanized his demented father by pressuring the supervising doctor to increase his patient's morphine dose to put him out of his misery.

Denny and Alan are close friends despite their great political differences, and episodes almost always closes with a scene of the two enjoying a cigar and a glass of scotch on the balcony of the law firm, talking over events that had happened in the episode.

Denny is at times portrayed as extremely unethical. In one episode, he convinced a judge to drop all charges against his nymphomaniac client by playing on the judge's self-esteem problems stemming from his being a virgin. He also once employed a spin doctor to taint the jury pool by flooding the media with sympathetic portrayals of his client. Denny also has at many times made remarks about sleeping with people's wives, a practice that places him in harm's way in the pilot episode. He once claimed that he had a threesome with Shirley Schmidt and Barbra Streisand; Shirley then told him that she had hired a male Barbara Streisand impersonator.

Denny has claimed that he is the greatest attorney in history, and has never lost a case, stating that his record is 6,043-0. This record is debatable, however, as he will shift the blame away from himself in lost cases he was involved with, saying that it was in fact his colleague who lost, not him. Paul Lewiston once observed that Denny is like Muhammad Ali late in his career, relying more on his past reputation than his current skills. Sometimes Denny's pronouncements of his own name are less about making a joke and more about invoking that old Denny Crane reputation to intimidate others.

Another lawyer, Donny Crane, was believed to be Denny's illegitimate son, the product of an affair with an anonymous woman. Denny, however, confessed to Alan that when Donny's mother slapped him with a paternity suit he settled, and Donny's mother later admitted that Denny wasn't the father. Many jokes were made about the closeness of Donny and Denny's names. Just like Denny, Donny also used his own name as an exclamation at inappropriate times. However, as the show has evolved, Denny has made it clear to Donny that although he may not have sired Donny, he regards Donny as his son.

Denny's expertise and skill in media manipulation, as well as his reputation, have made him the public face of Crane, Poole & Schmidt, far more often than any of the other senior partners would like. His aggressive personality, massive ego, excessive libido, and eagerness for the limelight have caused him to lose five wives, the most recent after only three hours of marriage when he was caught having sex with a catering server in the coat room at his own wedding reception. When surrounded by reporters, he often says his name and something that is not directly related to the case. But as a name partner and the firm's resident rainmaker, Denny cannot be removed from the firm without great difficulty and economic risk, as he often points out, "My name's on the door."

Note: This informative userinfo was brought to you by our friends at Wikipedia! I thought it would be nice to post the full article as a lot of people tend to read the Denny journal but do not watch Boston Legal. I thought the background might be nice. Anyway. I'm not Denny Crane or William Shatner; I don't know the Shat, though I did seriously consider bidding on his kidney stone while it was up on eBay. Denny Crane is property of David E. Kelley who is an insane genius. I'm just a girl who enjoys writing the eccentric weirdo that is Denny Crane. ilookgreat is used for RP purposes in theatrical_muse and summerofzombies. If you'd like Denny to play in your game, then please leave a comment or catch me on something of the instant messenger variety or ask alan_shore. Oh, and alan_shore is my soulmate, k thx.

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